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About me, Colleen, Tea Mug

Howdy! I’m Colleen and I’m so excited you are here!

Much like you I am a wife, a mom, I have a full time job and do my best to relax but yet keep the household running smoothly. Oh boy is that a job in itself. We so often find ourselves stressed and overwhelmed, but I’m here to help you!

Enjoying a cup of good loose leaf tea does not need to be messy or stressful, it should be and will be relaxing after your busy day dragging those littles to all of those after school activities. After finding Sipology I have learned all the tricks and I am ready to spoil you with them.

Tea to me isn’t about making a quick cup on the go it is about the love and friendship you get to share over those cups. The laughter is what makes everything in the world better. Sipology makes this so easy for you with products that assist in making the perfect cup, tea that is perfect for every type of mood or situation so I can tell you start to finish the easiest way to prepare your tea so you can sip back and enjoy.

Your time is one of your most valuable resources so there is no reason for you to waste it trying to figure out how to measure, brew and prepare a cup of tea or tea cocktail for those late evening meetings. Like you I don’t have a ton of extra time to spare so I like to keep the process as simple as possible and still make the best tea that I can.

What are you waiting for, join my newsletter list today and get yourself a seasonal recipe booklet that shows you a few things you can do with your tea (like eat it!).

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Fun Facts about me!

I live on the Great Sacandaga Lake in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York.

I am born, raised and I am now growing my family in this same beautiful town on the last of the family farm. My husband and I have one spunky son who keeps us busy and on our toes along with his puppy a Silver Labrador.

I am an engineer by degree and work in a project management type of position in a large Energy company that has offices all over the world.