Sip, Shop and Save with me

Eeek you are ready to Sip, Shop and save with me already?! This is going to be so much fun and I can’t wait to sip tea with you whether it be today at a table or virtually I’m always happy to sip and share with a fellow tea lover or tea curious friend.

If you are like me you would rather have a nice hard copy of a catalog in your hot little hands so you can browse and mark up in your free time between meetings, family, and those daily tasks. So let’s get you one, just fill out this quick little form and you’ll get a catalog before you know it.

Each month we have multiple specials to help you get those teas and teawares at a discount. If you are like me you love a good deal, well this is for you!

November Customer Exclusive, Image of hot chocolate, 17.55
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November Host Exclusive, Image of Souper Snacks with Companion Cup, 18.27
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If you are like me your heart sings when you get to support the community. We have am amazing program that is not 100% digital so you can support an organization from anywhere in the country. Learn more about how we can run this program and support your favorite organization.

In addition to the amazing monthly specials we have THE most amazing subscription programs. Getting your matcha, boosters and even greens on a regular schedule is one of those time saving, wonderful programs that we have available to you.

Matcha Subscription Information
Booster and Greens Subscription Information

Learn more about hosting! In addition the the amazing host exclusive that I shared earlier you can shop for free as well as shop with a discount. I am blessed to be able to share this product with busy moms and dads just like you. When was the last time someone gave you a free shopping spree?

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If your wish list is too big check out the opportunity for yourself. I know when I first looked I had so much stuff in my cart that it just made way more sense to join and get my cart at a discount instead of paying full price for each and every item.

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