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Sipology by Steeped Tea is a wonderful Direct Sales (Party Plan) company to be a part of. The focus is on quality loose leaf tea and tea wares to make that perfect cup of tea easier to make and enjoy. One of the first questions I get asked is about the compensation plan and ways to make money with Sipology so let’s go over that together here today.

The heart of the company is the founder and her husband, the love that they pour into the company bleeds over into each and every Sipologist in their businesses. Home office and the founder herself know your name and they are your biggest cheerleaders. This to me is worth so much more than a paycheck. 

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There are two different ways to earn money with Sipology

  1. Monthly Sales
  2. Growing a team

Monthly Sales

Sales is the foundation of how you make money with Sipology. With the large assortment of teas (over 100 flavors) and tea-wares to make the perfect cups of tea. You can sell socially on any Social Media platform (like Facebook or even Instagram) as well as in person (if you choose to do so) as well as letting your creative juices flow to offer basket parties or even sqwee events. You can run Tea ParTEAs and help guests find the perfect flavors or attend vendor shows. There are no rules on how you share tea, if you are comfortable with a method use that! If you are not comfortable with a method you do not need to follow that method.

Tea is very popular and is the second most consumed beverage in North America. With tea being a healthy alternative to Coffee and even Soda it makes the appeal of Sipology easy to see. With a large flavor variety it is easy for customers to come back for additional purchases while finding the perfect flavors for any time of year or any special event that they may be holding.

As a start you will earn 25% commission on all of the sales you make and up to 35% without growing a team. Let’s break that down into cash values.  

  • Sell $1000 with the 25% you earn $250 for the month.
  • Sell $2000 with the 25% you earn $500 and you bonus and earn an extra 5% or $100 for the month.
  • Sell $3000 with the 25% you $750 and you bonus (twice!) and earn an extra 10% or $300 for the month.

Your 25% commission gets directly deposited into your bank account on a weekly basis, each and every Thursday. Any sales you have before Tuesday of a given week are paid to you that same Thursday which is super nice. Any bonuses that you earn get paid out at the beginning of the following month. 

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Grow a Team

Stepping into leadership has its rewards with Sipology. We have lots of different levels of leadership, the very first step into leadership is what is called a Senior Consultant. At this rank you have two people under you who are both active. As a Senior Consultant you earn an additional 3% on your team’s volume each and every month. 

Team Spirit!

The next step into leadership is a Group Leader, this is where you really start to branch out and grow personally and professionally. As a group leader you have a team of five, three of which you personally brought into the company. You continue to earn an additional 3% on the volume of the team members you personally brought in and now you will also earn an additional 5% on the entire teams volume (which includes your own sales). The very first time you become a group leader you will also receive a cash bonus of $500 and even a beautiful gift from the founder which is very often flowers! 

From there you can continue to add team members directly under you or you can teach your team how to also sponsor and grow along with you as you continue to climb the rank ladder. 

If joining Sipology and starting your own tea adventure sounds like something you would like to do reach out for even more information. If you are ready right now please go ahead and join here, if you have more questions please contact me and I would be honored to help you.

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