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The Sipology Customer Exclusive not available until the first of every month for qualified customers. Check back here to find out the latest and greatest of exclusives. The November 2022 Customer Exclusive is available now. 


Bookmark this page and check back often for each and every month’s exclusive. Join my communiTEA to stay up to date on all exclusives, offers and even incentives.

Each month Sipology customers earn the opportunity to unlock the customer exclusive for qualified orders (party or shopping cart orders) that are held within that month. Each month these specials change, sometimes they are products which are not available in the catalog and other months it is a bundle of products which are available but at a great discounted rate.

Without further adieu here is our November Customer Exclusive:

November Customer Exclusive, Image of hot chocolate, 17.55

For the low low price of $17.55 you can select one of the following new Functional Latte Flavors

  • Collection of Hot Chocolates; Amaretto, Real Deal and Salted Caramel

In addition to the customer exclusives that you will unlock when you reach $65 in your shopping cart when you reach $100 in your cart you will be able to select your free gift!

Image that shows all of the different selections for the free gift. text includes black, fruit, green, herbal, oolong, matcha, pu'erh and rooibos teas

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