Six Essential Tea Accessories

Because I only brew with loose leaf tea I have come up with six basic essential accessories and nice to have products that I use all of the time that I wanted to share with you.

I very often demo these in my communiTEA so join me HERE.  

Essential Tea Tools

1. Electric Kettle

Have hot water ready in minutes with an electric kettle. The model I have has a minimum of 2cups and a maximum of 8cups. So I can make just a cup for me or an entire pitcher for a gathering. Some models come with temperature control either as a knob you set without knowing an exact temperature or a feature to get the perfect green tea to the degree you need. 

For Sipology tea you do not need to use precise temperatures as we blend them specifically to work at boiling. But most other loose tea you will get will require specific temperatures so that you are not hurting the leaves but instead getting the best flavors possible. 

2. Breazy Tea Infuser

My breazy is one of the most widely used pieces in my accessories inventory. It is straight forward to use and there is no restriction on the leaves as they are free flowing in the top. You can also use it with any size mug/cup you have which makes it even more flexible and amazing. 

3. Universal Tea Infuser 

The very first piece of equipment I purchased was a large infuser, I have graduated to our universal infuser now because it comes with a lid that I can use as a coaster while I drink my tea so I can re-steep the leaves. This is something that I recommend for anyone new to loose tea as it will work in nearly all cups and pots so it is truly universal. It is large enough that the leaves are not restricted and can fully expand giving you the best flavors possible. 

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4. Perfect Tea Pitcher

This pitcher is perfect for a nice cold brew, a hot chilled iced tea or even a beautiful Sangria for that party you have coming. Because of it’s ease of use and flexibility for what you can do with it, it is one of those staple pieces after you start to experience tea. It is very rare in my house that there isn’t at least one of these filled with tea in the fridge. Even my 4 year old can make tea using this!

5. Party Frother

Are Matcha Lattes or Tea Lattes your thing? You need the party frother. No batteries or electricity needed just a little elbow grease. You can have nice frothy milk for all of your lattes within minutes. This is a staple in my house, so much so that I have two different sizes depending on how many latte’s I am making. 

6. Tea Tins

If you like to buy large quantities or are a little overzealous with opening your bags you may want to invest in some tins. These tins have a great seal keeping the air out and the tea inside. The window on the front allows you to see how much tea you have left and even what type you put inside. Using a permanent marker, a dry erase marker or even a wine glass marker you can write on the tins to indicate what you have placed inside or instructions on how to brew it. With just a little elbow grease and water it will come right off leaving the tin looking as good as new so you can use it again and again. 

While there are many other wonderful accessories and tools out there these are the ones I personally use and recommend to everyone. 

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