Picking the Right DS Company

Making the decision to start up your own direct sales business can be a daunting task. How do I know what is a good fit for me? Do I just do what everyone else is doing because it is easy? Do I blaze my own path with something I am passionate about?

Let’s talk about how to choose what fits you. Here are the key areas I considered while starting my journey and then we’ll break them down into more details.

  • Love it or leave it
  • Consumable
  • Price point
  • Variety
  • Not a fad
  • Inventory
  • Ground floor

Love it or Leave it

This is pretty simple, if you don’t love your company or your product then it will show. People can tell when you are being authentic and you won’t grow the Know, Like, Trust factor if you are trying to sell something that you just don’t have your heart into. So I strongly suggest you find a company and a product which rings true to your hearts song. Having that company that you stand behind makes selling feel more like sharing with friends than selling. While it still won’t be completely easy all the time it makes is so much easier for you in the long run having something that you are passionate about. 


How often is the product consumed? Is it a short period of time or is it something that lasts for years? While we love bags and shoes do we really need to purchase a new one each and every month? Likely not. But tea on the other hand is something you consume and will likely want to repurchase leading to a growing relationship.

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Price Point

Are the products priced competitively? Do the products contain value? Will your friends and family spend $11-$25 to try something new and support a friend? When you remind people of all the different ways you consume tea they soon realize that they are a tea drinker. Iced Teas in the summer, a hot tea when you are sick etc. Each bag of loose leaf tea with Sipology is under $21 (excluding matcha), so most people will purchase a bag and try it out for that price which will help you get your start.


Are there enough products in the line up to support the majority of people’s needs? Are there products for gift giving? For the beginner? For the experienced? This is one of the biggest reasons I love Sipology, we have over 100 flavors of tea. But also we have everything that you need to make those perfect cups with our mugs, frothers and even teapots. How about all of the fixings to make your table perfect? Like seasonings, dressing and even scones. 

Not a Fad

Let’s avoid all of those Direct Sales companies and products that are just a fad. No one likes wearing clothes that are out of style and that is another one of the great things about Sipology. Tea isn’t a fad, it is actually considered the second most consumed beverage in the world! As we learn more about the health benefits we are seeing more people drinking tea. 


Are you someone who has limited space in your home? Do you want to skip carrying big piles of products to people’s houses or vendor shows? Sipology is pretty special in the fact that in our policies it actually tells us not to carry inventory. We want our customers to get their products at their freshest possible and to do that we encourage everyone to order directly. 

Ground Floor

Last item I personally looked at was market saturation and being ground floor. Sipology is still very much ground floor in the USA, we have less than 3,000 consultants at the moment. We launched in the USA in July 2018 and are growing but still have a long way to go to be saturated, which is wonderful for everything looking to get started with something. While we are still new in the USA we have been in Canada since 2007.  Sipology is actually backed by the Dragons Den which is the equivalent of Shark Tank in Canada. This is pretty impressive if you ask me!

With all of this said I may be a little biased as I am in love with Sipology and think you should join. At the end of it all I just want you to find your passion so if Sipology might be it let’s talk and if it’s not that is OK too, I still value your friendship and time spent here with me.

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