Why do I drink Matcha Every Day?

What this that green drink? Why are you drinking that? Why don’t you just drink coffee? These are some things I have heard over the years, but let me tell you why I drink Matcha every day.


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Did you know that matcha produces a calm energy that lasts for hours? That’s right no jittery crash. No reaching for a third, fourth or fifth cup because you are running on fumes. 

Instead of those crashes matcha provides a nice slow release of it’s benefits that can last for upwards of six hours. 

Because of this release it is a great drink to have in the morning before a hectic work day, or before cramming for that final exam. 

Thank you Matcha for mental clarity and focus.

Working out with Matcha is great. I have read many different articles around this topic and they all seem to agree that it helps with your endurance, metabolism and it may even help reduce belly fat! 

Sign me up just in reducing belly fat! 

With continued use of matcha as a pre-workout drink over a few months you’ll start to see noticeable differences. This is why I am pairing my matcha shots with my Peloton bike these days. 

Thank you Matcha for providing me the extra endurance to push a little harder.

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Matcha is also known to be good for your skin. Anti-aging, fighting skin cancer, fights acne. All of these amazing things have been said about Matcha over the years. 

Thank you Matcha for clearing those blemishes. 

There are millions of articles out there about why you should drink Matcha. For me it is simple I like it and it helps my body. I feel better after I drink it and I notice the difference in my mood when I don’t. 

Go try a cup of matcha today and tell me how you feel afterwards.

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