How to get a Sipology Catalog

Do you like to be one of the first one’s to get your hands-on a catalog when the seasons change? Or do you like to pop it in your bag and browse while you are in a waiting room? Maybe you like to mark them up with all of the things you’d like to add to your collection. Here is everything you need to know about getting yourself a new Sipology Catalog.

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What’s in the Sipology catalog?

All the great things! I kid, well, not really. The paper catalogs are a wonderful small notebook size so they fit in most bags and are easy to take on the go with you. They contain recipes and beautiful illustrations of many of the products in use. It has an index so if you know a name or type of product you are looking for it can tell you right where to go. It makes finding your next tea or piece of tea-ware nice and easy.

When does the catalog change?

Sipology currently has two different catalog seasons. Spring/Summer which runs February through August and Fall/Winter runs from August through February. Typically, there is a slight overlap in a month during a change over, but it is not guaranteed. In the Fall/Winter catalog we have the Holiday Exclusives right inside the catalog so there is no need to reach out to your Sipologist multiple times during a season for flyers and special inserts.

The exact date of the change over is not listed on the catalogs and is only know approximately three weeks before the launch date, so I am just as anxious to know as you are!

If you complete my form below, I will get you out a catalog right when the seasons change, or if we are in the middle of a catalog you can use this to request a copy of the current season.

If you have a specific question please contact me and I would be honored to help you.

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