Top 10 Fall and Winter Tea Flavors

Are you looking at the catalog and going oh my goodness how do I know what are the favorites for the fall and winter season? I’m here to tell you my favorites and best selling fall and winter flavors with a top 10 list of Fall and Winter Tea! 
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You can make them in a variety of ways. How about some Sangria for a party?

  1. Cozy Pumpkin Swirl Chai Black
  2. Sweet Sugar Cookie Matcha (holiday exclusive)
  3. Buttercream Carrot Cake Fruit
  4. Gingerbread Matcha
  5. Winter Sangria Fruit
  6. Wintermint Green
  7. Peppermint Hot Chocolate
  8. Holiday Macchiato Pu’erh (holiday exclusive)
  9. Maple Cinnamon Waffles Rooibos (holiday exclusive)
  10. Cinnamon Sugar Donut Oolong

Another way to make these is in the form of a latte, cinnamon sugar donut latte anyone?

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