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Have you ever looked at a direct sales company and was baffled by their host program? Like I do what and get what? I was overwhelmed and it stopped me from hosting parties in the past so let’s take a deeper look into the host program that Sipology has to offer and break it all down into smaller steps. 

If you are a video kind of a girl (or guy) click HERE and join my communiTEA where I did a video explaining it all.

When you look at the host flyer you are going to notice a few different areas. We’ll talk about each one below so you know exactly what these flyers mean.

  1. Host Exclusive
  2. Free Product Credit
  3. Half Priced Items
  4. Host Only Level 1
  5. Host Only Level 2
  6. Host Only Level 3
Example of a Flyer

What is a qualified event?

A qualified event is the point at which you as a host start to earn all of the amazing exclusives, free products and half price credits. To qualify you must have 4 buying guests and $250 in sales before tax and shipping. The bigger the event the more the rewards!

Host Program

The start of the whole program is the exclusive special just for our hosts. The exclusive is a product or products that is offered at a discount. The discount is usually between 50 and 70% off of the retail price. Sometimes these are items which are not available within the catalog and other times it is a combination of products. Once your event qualifies you earn the right to purchase this exclusive and it does not change as your other rewards grow. Be sure to check back each month for the specific host exclusive that is offered. 

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Free Product Credit and Half Priced Items

As your event grows so does your Free and half priced items. You can use this credit on anything in the regular catalog including collections. This is a great way to get a big collection for a nice discount, so think big!

Host Only Level 1

If the host exclusive, free credit and half priced items weren’t enough we have three amazing extra levels to add onto that. Up first is the Pop Star Tumbler and Lemonade Fizzy Matcha Sours! This tumbler is a nice double walled steal tumbler that can be used hot or cold. You can unlock this level once your event reaches just $400!  

Host Only Level 2

Onto a brand new item that I cannot wait to get my hands on. A pair of hot stuff campfire mugs and hot chocolate mix! How amazing is this going to be when those snow storms start to arrive? You only need a $500 event to be able to get your hands on this beauty.

Host Only Level 3

Oh my goodness!! A super steeps collection! You’ll be able to sip and taste twelve of the most amazing flavors in our current catalog. You are going to the envy of your circle with this boxed set with just a $700 event.

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