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Are you interested in joining Sipology by Steeped Tea? Maybe someone has asked you to host a ParTEA or join their team and you have thought that it might just be a fun way to earn some extra spending cash or replace a part time job. Maybe you were researching Direct Sales companies and you stumbled upon Sipology. Have no fear, I am here to help you through the whole process.


You can join this no obligation group which we host events showcasing all of the different parts of the business so you can learn more without having to wait for a Sipologist to return your email or phone call. 

The opportunity

Let’s start at the beginning. When you join Sipology you will not only get a large box chock full of products and business supplies but you will also be provided training directly by Sipology, our Social Media Trainer and your sponsor to assist you in starting your own business (if you wish to make it more than a hobby). You will start by earning 25% commission on any products that you purchase yourself or sell to your friends and family. As you work your business the commissions only grow from there. 

The kit contents

Our current business in a box or kit is a mere $99 and contains over $400. Take about a great value! The kit includes Matcha, Loose Leaf teas, Heal-thy self teas, tea-ware, catalogs, order forms, training programs, a personal website (for the first 3 months), printed materials and home office support. In addition to all of that you will gain friendships through your team and lots of training. 


Our earn your kit for $1, plus $19 in shipping and tax. Everything from the business in a box is included at this special rate. When you generate sales of $1,000 in Personal Volume (PV) or more during the first 60 days from the date of enrollment you keep your kit for that low, low start price. A new Sipologist who fails to satisfy these criteria will automatically be charged $79 plus tax for the value of the kit. This offer is applicable from September 26th, 2022, 6:00 AM PDT until October 10th, 2022, 11:59 PM PDT
(exceptions or extensions are not permitted).


In your first 30 days you will also have the option to purchase additional kit add-on’s for a 30% discount. You can grow your business how it fits into your life with just the add on’s that make sense for you and your customers.

A sponsor

A sponsor can be as simple as the person you signed up under. This person will provide you with a link and guide you through the joining process. You do not need to sign up under the person that has asked you, but instead find someone that fits into your personality and lifestyle better, someone you will like learning from and growing with. Once you join you will need to follow the Policies and Procedures so be sure to read those after you have joined so you know the rules you need to follow. 

What’s next

Typically the sponsor you sign up under will offer to throw you a launch parTEA, either in person or online. These launch parties are a super fun way to announce your new and exciting adventure into tea to your friends and family. It is important for everyone to at the very least have a launch party, it will set you up with some free and half priced items and possibly launch you into your very own successful and long term business. 

Have a Question about Tea?

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I have mentioned it a few times already but let’s talk about the training that you will be provided. Sipology has great written documentations as well as tea training videos. But it doesn’t stop there the training from leadership and our very own social media expert are there to support you. You are supported by your team your sponsor and the whole Sipology communiTea. Talk about family! They even have a success start program for your first 90 days where you can earn even more free tea, tea-ware, product credits, and cash bonuses!

What does success look like? That is up to you! The best thing abut direct sales is that you can make as much or as little money with it as you want. After joining Sipology you can work full-time, part-time or even just as a hobbyist, the choice is completely yours. 

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If you are ready to join a team reach out to your Sipologist and ask him/her for their join link. If you are looking for a Sipologist please contact me and I would be honored to help you.

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