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Self Care isn’t all about manicures and spa days, self-care is also about taking care of your mind and body through health and wellness. Think about health boosters, probiotics, and even tea’s. The Heal Thy Self line with Sipology is all about getting you and keeping you healthy from the inside out. 

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Taking care of yourself is a step in the process to becoming the happier, healthier you. Sipology’s affordable line of healing and healthy products are a way to step up your self love. With this line you can prevent stress, cold & flu’s, inflammation, digestive issues, and even promote heart health.

Plus they are reviewed by the U.S. FDA and approved by Health Canada!

First in this line is Tea.

All of the tea’s are packaged in triangles for your easy consumption. 

  1. Cardiovascular Health uses the hawthorn berry, an ingredient that can increase blood flow by preventing platelet aggregation and decreasing blood pressure.  
  2. Detox will help your kidneys remove excess products.
  3. Feminini-TEA will help with menstrual cramps and bloating.
  4. Keep it Moving makes use of Senna leaf compounds, commonly used in laxative medications for relief of occasional constipation. 
  5. Pure Vitali-Tea will help you enhance physical performance, reduce mental fatigue and support cognitive function. 
  6. Quest to Digest uses Cinnamon to decrease gastric acid secretions and help relieve digestive disturbances include lack of appetite, nausea, digestive spasms, indigestion, dyspepsia and flatulent colic.
  7. Respiratory Relief has a star ingredient, Echinacea purpuria that works to support the immune system.
  8. Stay Calm uses St John’s wort to help relieve nervousness by maintaining happy neurotransmitters and increasing feelings of calmness. 
  9. Inflammation Fighter is expertly crafted to help relieve joint pain and inflammation through the aint-inflammatory properties found n the turmeric root agent called curcumin.  
  10. Cough Rescue uses Marshmallow root as a demulcent that coats the throat and relieves irritation while Holy Basil leaf fights back coups with antiviral properties. 
  11. Keep Dreaming will help lull you into a soft slumber with its combination of Passionflower, Valerian and Lemon Balm which are used as a sleep aid, increasing our ability to rest by decreasing nervous system activity.  

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Next up is Functional Lattes and Soup.

Think superfoods! Think Low in calories. Think lucuma, maca root and apoptogenic mushrooms. This latte and soup line is a first of its kind and they are delicious and so very good for you. The latte line came out on August 1st 2022 and the Soup line is expected to arrive September 15th 2022.

  1. Functional Latte – Blueberry Vanilla
  2. Functional Latte – Cherry Danish
  3. Functional Latte – Chocolate Mocha
  4. Functional Latte – Cinnamon Churro Chai
  5. Functional Latte – Earl Grey
  6. Functional Latte – French Toast
  7. Functional Latte – Golden Chai
  8. Functional Soup – Carrot Ginger
  9. Functional Soup – Wild Mushroom
  10. Functional Soup – Hearty Tomato
  11. Functional Soup – Potato Chive
  12. Functional Soup – Sizzling Southwest

Last but certainly not least, our Boosters.

Our boosters are made from natural sources and provide both nutrition and function. 30 servings per jar! The tea’s are pre-packaged so they are perfect doses without needing to second guess yourself. 

  1. Super Greens Boost – Very Berry
  2. Super Greens Boost – French Vanilla
  3. Super Greens Boost – Lemonade
  4. Electrolyte Boost – Strawberry Lime
  5. Immunity Boost – Elderberry Ginger
  6. Iron Boost – Dutch Chocolate
  7. Libido Support – Caramel Vanilla
  8. Menopause Relief – Blueberry Lemon
  9. Multi-Vitamin Boost – Peach Lemonade
  10. Probiotic Boost – Summer Strawberry
  11. Vitamin B Complex Boost – Strawberry Banana
  12. Vitamin D Boost – Caramel Mocha
  13. Weight Management Support – 90 Day Kit
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