Fall Germ Beating Ideas

Let’s talk about the germs that come around in the fall, between back to school and the change of the weather. No one is immune to the germs that come around this time of the year. I have some germ beating ideas as well as options to help when those germs do inevitably sneak in. 

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Cough Rescue & Respiratory Relief 

Do you have a scratchy dry throat and cough? A wet cough? These are the perfect thing to keep in your medicine cabinet this season, to battle all of those coughs that the kids bring home and us mommy’s and daddy’s end up suffering from. 

Vitamin C in Raspberry Lemonade

One serving meets 100% of your daily recommended intake of Vitamin C, talk about a perfect way to add some vitamins into your daily diet. Vitamin C helps to support your immune system. My five year old son loves to add this to his water, he says that it helps his boogies. 

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Probiotic Boost in Summer Strawberry

Did you know that probiotics and improve your gut health?! Probiotics are microorganisms that form as part of your gut flora. The strain of probiotics that we have do not need to be refrigerated like many other strains. 

Boosters and Tea’s

In addition to these we have lots of other heal-thy self options to help you with other ailments you may have. This entire line is approved by Health Canada and the US FDA, backed by certified research and lab tested. 

Our boosters are made from natural sources and provide both nutrition and function. 30 servings per jar! The tea’s are pre-packaged so they are perfect doses without needing to second guess yourself. 

To learn more about this full product line check out my post on the Heal-Thy Self Product Line.

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