Sipology’s Fundraising Guide

Are you part of an organization that raises funds to support an education program? Perhaps an organization that fosters animals while they wait for their furever home? Or maybe even a library working on an expansion? These are just a few examples of organizations I have worked with through our amazing Sipology fundraising program. Learn everything you need to know to get started with this fundraising guide.

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Benefits of Fundraising with Sipology

  1. 40% of the sales go straight back to the organization
  2. High quality loose tea and accessories
  3. Consumable & affordable
  4. Easy to sell and use
  5. Appropriate for all sellers
  6. Everyone can afford $15
  7. Packaged, labeled and ready for delivery
  8. Supports a local consultant 
  9. Great for gift giving
  10. All digital
  11. No restriction on age, it is good for 2 to 99 
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Onto the nitty gritty

It all starts with an application. A single page application with information on the organization and the chairperson as well as your tax exempt information (if you are a non-profit organization). This application is submitted directly on the website. Once the application is approved we have a personal website for your fundraiser that you can share with your friends and family to start sharing.

The bags are designed differently and show that you are supporting a cause. In some cases a tasting event can be held to showcase the flavors and collect orders, this would be something that you would work out with me to see if it is feasible based on timing, location and any area restrictions.

On your personal website your mission statement will be listed so that when you share with your friends and family they can see exactly what they are supporting and how it will help the community. 

Once all orders are placed with your organization we wrap up and provide any final payments.  

If this program is something that is of interest to you reach out for an application. Please contact me and I would be honored to help you.

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